Press Release

This is a fictional press release. It was written in my first year as a Writing For Different Purposes assignment .


Source: Daniel Blacks, PR Manager, Wolf Is The New Black,

18 Charing Way,

Reading, RG6 9PW

Phone: (01202) 677494

Email: Daniel Blacks



Hit Band ‘Wolf Is The New Black’ At Bournemouth University

Bournemouth, England- February 5, 2010- Popular New Wave band ‘Wolf Is The New Black’ are set to play at Bournemouth University on the 27th February, it has just been announced.

Hailing from Bournemouth University originally, the much-hyped band ‘Wolf Is The New Black’ had come from obscurity but has quickly become a headline act at gigs and festivals last year. The band has taken the music scene by storm but it’s clear the members have not forgotten their roots as they return to play an exclusive gig at Bournemouth University later this month.

The four-piece New Wave band was originally formed at Bournemouth University and had a following in the local music scene but after the members graduated the band began to tour the country as they made their mark. Becoming an underground hit and described as “the most talked about band this year” by NME, the rising success of Wolf Is The New Black quickly led to several big festivals placing the band as headline acts, most notably Glastonbury Festival 2009 which saw the band headlining the popular Other Stage on the Saturday night.

Wolf Is The New Black now looks set to return to the town that helped to start it all off to play a special gig at the University itself. Ben Hall is the bassist of WITNB, and had this to say: “We’re all very excited to play in Bournemouth, being by the seaside there’s always happiness. I have fond memories of Bournemouth, I was a student there, I remember once I walked to sandbanks for the sunrise.”

Wolf Is The New Black will be playing at Bournemouth University’s Talbot Campus on 27th February. Tickets are on sale now for £16 (£12 NUS) from Bournemouth University and




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