BA (Hons) Media and Communications graduate, studied at Bournemouth University.

I am a guitarist, a writer, a thinker. I am interested in music, politics, philosophy, sociology, religion, spirituality, science and technology, and other various aspects of  life. This website initially was created as an assignment for Web Communication, a unit on my course. I am continuing to add to it, so it becomes a fully functioning blog, portfolio of work and a place of informative discussion and information. It is currently an ongoing project and as such will take time to grow, with more frequent posting and added media in the future, however for the moment please enjoy whatever you can find on the site. Bookmark the homepage – and watch this space.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated – praise or criticism,  links to interesting webpages or just incessant ramblings – feel free to leave your mark and I shall endeavour to respond as soon as possible. I am currently also writing for We Concur, an up-and-coming internet ‘zine that holds great potential and looks to be something special, with a great team of editors and collaborators with a flair for writing and a passion for, well, quite a bit as it turns out. I hope to increase the frequency of posts within the near future and am looking to write more for both of these projects as soon as I can.

You can contact me through a number of ways, to send me interesting articles, information, stories, trends, rumours, hints, tips, etc. Or if you just fancied a chat. Contact details are listed below.

My name is Louis Sidwell, and this is my blog. Welcome to negativentropy.





Email: louis.sidwell@gmail.com

Twitter: twitter.com/LouisSidwell

Facebook: facebook.com/profile.php?id=606550200

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