Portfolio of Work

This page is to be a portfolio of some examples of my published articles and experience in journalism and writing.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo First Impressions (ParableGames.net)

Metal Gear Rising Demo Impressions

I have recently had an article published at Parable Games, a video game website that covers news, reviews and podcasts concerning the gaming world. I wrote an article on my first impressions of the Metal Gear Rising demo, the latest game in the Metal Gear series. Metal Gear Rising marks a clear shift from the previous gameplay of the Metal Gear games, showcasing the cyborg ninja Raiden – clearly a world apart in terms of dexterity, speed and combat ability of the ‘Old Snake’ seen in Metal Gear Solid 4. As such, Rising has been viewed with a mixture of both excitement and apprehension from fans of Metal Gear, with fears that the game will not live up to its expectations or will be too far removed from the Metal Gear universe. Would it be a Metal Gear game in title only? With the demo released for players to test-drive, I decided to write a piece on the demo for Parable Games and let readers see how it stacks up.

The article can be viewed on the Parable Games website here: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo Impressions

Surf Reef Article and Design (University Assignment)

Surf Reef Feature_Page_1

Surf Reef Feature_Page_2

An example of an article I wrote and designed for a university assignment. I wrote a feature article on the Boscombe artificial surf reef, then created the design and layout using Adobe InDesign CS5 .

Occupy Bournemouth Article (The Rock – Bournemouth University newspaper)

Front Page - "Inside Occupy"

Front Page – “Inside Occupy”

This is a piece that Bournemouth University’s student newspaper, The Rock, asked me to do. Members of the Occupy movement set up camp on Bournemouth University and I spent time with the group, interviewing them and getting to know them and their aims and ideals. I also attended court with them and wrote up the piece in an article entitled “Inside Occupy: The Other Side of the Fence” which was published on Page One and Page Four of the newspaper.

Meeting and getting to know members of the Occupy movement was a good experience in gathering and researching information, as well as in interviewing. The piece was well-received and the widely-read Rock newspaper was a good publication for the article. Many students and lecturers alike saw the Occupy encampment on University grounds, but there was not too much information as to why they were there. The Inside Occupy article aimed to describe what the Occupy members aims were, and also shed some light on the individuals there and to show their ‘human’ side, as there was a feeling of negativity towards the encampment, due to the inconvenience their presence caused (an entrance to the University was barricaded by the Uni staff so that students had to enter via alternative gates) and a misunderstanding of the reasons behind the protest.

I wrote another piece on the Occupy movement for the Rock as well, that unfortunately was not published due to space constraints in the newspaper and last minute campus news needing to take up space. This piece dealt more in depth with the Occupy movement in Boscombe, Bournemouth, who had occupied a local arts centre due to be demolished. A block of flats was to be built on the old community centre grounds. Again, I was able to interview members of the group and find out more about their aims and purpose behind the occupation. Although this article was not published in The Rock, I feel that I gained valuable journalistic experience from this.

Page 4 - "Inside Occupy" continued

Western Morning News (Published work during work experience at newspaper) 

During my time at Western Morning News, a widely-circulated regional newspaper, I researched and wrote several articles for the publication. Some of these were press releases sent to the newspaper, whilst others were researched by myself either for publication or for future articles. I had articles published in several editions of the newspaper as well as on the Western Morning News website. I spent time with the news team in the mornings during newsroom meetings where the articles for the day’s edition were discussed and was an active member of the team. Some of the articles published had my name to them whilst others were smaller pieces. During my time at the newspaper I gained valuable experience in working in a real newsroom, working to deadlines and researching information for articles. I was given many press releases to write up and was constantly busy working in the fast-paced environment.





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