USA Allowing Afghan Gvt. to Work With Terrorists

U.S. troops in Afghanistan

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The US government, as of 28/09/10, has waived a requirement that prohibited the government of Afghanistan from aiding or cooperating with America’s #1 enemies of the moment, the terrorist organisations known as the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Also under the requirement was the condition that Afghanistan cooperated with US efforts to reduce poppy cultivation and illicit drug trafficking. This requirement, too, has been waived.

The requirement was part of the “Department of State, Foreign Operations, and   Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2010″, and concerned funding for the Afghan government – a sum of money “Not to exceed $2,761,500,000″. In this Act, under the heading of “International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement”, there is [sorry, was] a pre-requisite that $55,000,000 of that figure MAY NOT be obligated for their assistance UNLESS the Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) certifies that the Government of Afghanistan is “cooperating fully with the United States efforts against the Taliban and Al Qaeda and to reduce poppy cultivation and illicit drug trafficking”, now this is the important part, “Provided, That the Secretary of State may waive the previous proviso IF the Secretary reports to the Committees on Appropriations that to do so is vital to the national security interests of the United States”. (Bold and emphasis on “IF” added by me). So the Afghanistan government may cooperate with the two terrorist organisations, and not bother with reducing poppy cultivation/illicit drug trafficking, only if doing so is vital to the national security interests of the United States. Which apparently it is. Continue reading