Self Reflection

I have found the blogging process useful in many ways. It provides an outlet for my writings, and encourages me to report on news stories and developments. It also encourages me to seek out news from across the internet.

I find social media to be a powerful, modern tool for communicating and sharing information. I would like to gain more ‘followers’ on Twitter, as I would like to engage more with people online. I often re-tweet and occasionally reply to people, however I have realised that I need to be more active in gaining followers. Twitter, alongside other social media platforms, allows people to communicate and engage on an unprecedented level. In my search for stories, I uncovered several articles that dealt with Twitter tips and hints, aiming to provide information for users to get the most out of Twitter. I found that Blogging often goes hand-in-hand with Twitter, and together the two can form a powerful mode of communication and sharing information and articles. I often use Twitter to gather news articles from across the internet, and have a newfound appreciation for Twitter ‘lists’.

While my blog has many views, I feel that I need to engage more with people. I do not often get comments or ratings on my blog, and feel that this in combination with my low follower-count on Twitter shows that I need to engage more and gain more followers. Hopefully, this will lead to greater engagement and feedback, which in turn will inspire me to blog more frequently. I have found it difficult to maintain my blog with my dissertation and other university assignments, however it is my hope that I begin blogging with more frequency.

I would also like to branch out with more topics and categories. For the moment, my blog is mainly focused on news stories although I would like to cover technology and science developments as well. The News and Journalism unit exercises has also inspired me to share more of my personal journalistic endeavours on my blog, which will hopefully inspire me to share more on my blog.


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