How to use Twitter (pt.2)

Blogging edition.

During my search for how to get the most out of Twitter, I came across an article from entitled “How to use Twitter – Tips for Bloggers“. Twitter is a powerful tool for communicating and sharing information, and so I thought I would share the tips of the blog here. The tips are written below, however I recommend viewing the article to get the most out of the tips. Only the headings are stated here, as the intention of this post is not to copy word-for-word the blog but to point bloggers in the right direction. Blogging and Tweeting go hand-in-hand, I always think, as both are forms of communicating and sharing information. Twitter is a powerful tool for publicising blogs, and engaging with followers.

1. Define the outcomes you want to achieve

2. Stay disciplined with your objectives

3. Be original and useful

4. Learn that every tweet counts

5. Monitor your reply ratio

6. Learn to use Direct Messages

7. Ask Questions

8. Don’t be a self-centred Tweeter

9. Be active

10. Promote your twitter feed

11. Connect with others in your nice

12. Pick an avatar and profile page that reinforces your brand

13. Consider your personal tweet strategy

14. Find your voice

15. Work with the rhythm of your followers



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