Reflection on Newsgathering

Recently, we were tasked with a news-gathering exercise for our News and Journalism unit. We were to find out how Bournemouth University was “responding to the cold spell”, and set off across the campus to interview people. The campus was fairly empty, mainly due to a combination of the cold weather and the early start to the day. 10:15am is still seen as the crack of dawn for students, I mused. Nevertheless, we approached those that we encountered, hoping to gather quotes and information to aid our task.

At first, we felt slightly out of place. Those that we did encounter were generally wrapped up warm and rushing to their lecture or the warmth of the inside. We were also aware that our question regarding the cold weather was not the most interesting of topics. Nevertheless, we persevered and found some interesting people to talk to. It seemed as if each person had an interesting tale to tell. One of the first people we stopped was a student from Gran Canaria. She overslept and missed her first snow the previous week, when it settled on Bournemouth’s soil for a few hours. She complained that she had no money for scarves, and was keen to head inside into the warmth. We spoke to another student named Max who had a penchant for sky-diving, a Scottish visitor who said the cold weather was actually “quite nice”, and two students named Laura and Lizzy who said they were keeping their heating constantly on at home, not able to brave the cold. Afterwards, we headed into the library and spoke to a student named Ari who hailed from Northeast China and said the cold snap was “alright for him”. He told us he preferred the weather in Bournemouth, as temperatures at his hometown fell to around -31 degrees.

Although we were apprehensive at first, we quickly felt at ease speaking with people. It seemed like everyone had a story to tell, or had information to share, once asked. In doing the exercise, we spoke to many interesting and diverse people, all reacting to the cold snap in different ways. While some kept their heating on constantly, others enjoyed the ‘mild’ Bournemouth weather.


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