State Enforced Silence: The Met is issuing arrest threats to those who disturb the 2 minute silence

This morning, the Metropolitan Police have been issuing threats via twitter. More specifically from their CO11, The Public Order Branch of the Metropolitan Police, twitter account: @CO11MetPolice.

Here are their (current) tweets in chronological order:

There is a policing operation in place to preserve the dignity of the 2 minute silence #Armistice Day #remember

Individuals seeking to disrupt the 2 minute silence will be dealt with robustly #Armistice Day #remember

Any police action will be considered & proportionate, respecting those who hold the 2 min silence as a sign of respect #Armistice#remember

If the memory of dead soldiers is insulted where people have gathered to honour those soldiers there is clearly a threat to public order.

Deliberately using abusive or insulting words or behaviour is an offence under Section 4 of the Public Order Act #Armistice Day #remember

Last year during the 2 min silence a group burnt poppies and a counter protest was also held. This caused considerable upset to the public.

Arrests were made in 2010 & 2 people were later convicted. Intelligence and info suggested a similar incident may occur this year.

The tweets sent out from this account this morning were intended to warn against any similar protests taking place.

Is the Met over-stepping their bounds by issuing such threats? Leave your comments below.


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