Obama and Cameron pledge to pour billions into Egypt and Tunisia

David Cameron and Barack Obama are to back multibillion-dollar plans “to pour greater international financial and political support into Egypt and Tunisia in a bid to stabilise political reform,” the Guardian reports.

Obama has already called on Congress to waive as much as $1bn in debt owed by Egypt. However, he has also asked to provide loan guarantees for up to $1bn in new borrowing. The multibillion-dollar plans seem to in actuality be multibillion-dollar loans; Cameron and Obama have also shown support for plans to widen “the remit of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to offer billions in loans, two decades after the bank was set up to foster market economies in Eastern Europe,” the Guardian continues.

The two leaders are keen to show their support for stabilising Middle Eastern countries, and have stated that they will work with any democratic governments in the region, yet they are concerned with signs of political instability in Egypt.

Will loaning these countries billions of dollars actually help them to develop? Or will it keep them tied to repayments for years to come? And can Cameron afford (in more ways than one) to endorse such support in the face of the sweeping public cuts at home?

There are some skeptics. The Guardian posted a link to their article on Facebook, and as usual multitudes of comments are already appearing. Here are some of the more cynical comments:

Heba El-Mongy we don’t need anything from you, please take care of your people and leave us alone, an Egyptian

Just Michael David Cameron and Barack Obama are to back multibillion-dollar plans to finance political groups in Egypt and Tunisia in a bid to reverse political reform taken place.

Hiba Halabi funny …all of what we need from u is to leave us alone ..we Know how to build our countries and we don’t need ur money or aids…we dont believe in ur Democracy or freedom….Palastinian girl
(Damascus, Syria)

Med Salem for sure we TUNISIANS DON’T NEED neither your back up nor your money feed ur depraved people and give rights to the Native Americans who still live under your arrogance and tyranny.

Lili Carrascalão-Contreiras WHY exactly are they so generous? In this case it has nothing to do with our Greek friends but a very old phrase comes to mind: “Timeo danaos et dona ferentes.” (“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”.)
(Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Andrew Biscuitpandasimonmottom Cottrell I’d rather have a working NHS thanks.

Step von Hahn And Syria ? And Yemen ? and so forth and so on…

Jay Edwards Don’t worry everyone we along with America can just print money on the press and hand it out. Don’t worry about it being not worth anything people are still buying into the ponzi scheme.

Leave the Egyptians alone to rebuild the country themselves. They don’t need another western backed dictator to pussyfoot around Israel and they certainly don’t need the imf to loan them money and enslave them for ever.

Mostafa Mohamed Abohelwa we don’t want anything from those hypocrites.
(Alexandria, Egypt)

Cris Aloha It’s nothing to do with supporting middle-east countries, is to do with “buying” their policitical and economic systems and setting up “controlled” democracies… Like many other people, I don’t trust their international aid, investments or goodwill plans…

رولا مور Please keep your money to yourself. You’ve done enough damage to our homes with your Arab dictators. NO MORE ARAB PUPPETS!!!! Enough is enough! I think we made that clear in our demonstrations

Susan Clark How can this be right if we are losing jobs elderly disabled losing services all 2 do with us cutting the debt .wheres this money coming from?thought we had no money.havent we learnt from iraq or afghtan we cant rule the world by money.


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