Dead Poets – Stop, Drop and Roll

Dead Poets are set to release their first ever single entitled ‘Stop, Drop and Roll‘, available tomorrow (May 2nd). If you weren’t able to make it last night, you missed an incredible set from Plymouth’s local legends. Dead Poets headlined at the White Rabbit, Plymouth to commemorate the launch of their new single which, as stated, is available for download tomorrow.

Dead Poets were joined by As We Sink, The Deering, and Damerels who all put on energetic performances and hyped the crowd up for the headline act. By the time Dead Poets came onto the stage, opening with Fi Is All About The Violence, the White Rabbit was filled with an estimated 200 people who were raring to go, and the Poets did not disappoint. The only downer of it all is having to wait another day to download their latest track, but you can check it out below on Youtube. Make sure you get it when it’s available, not only because it’s an awesome tune but also to support up-and-coming local talent. I don’t care if you’re not local to Plymouth, it’s the principle of the matter! The Poets have worked really hard to get where they are and deserve every bit of support they get. The large turnout at the Rabbit last night, for a lineup comprising simply of local bands, was inspiring. It is a testament to both the Poets’ talent and to the local music scene as a whole.

‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ will be available for download from May 2nd. Available from iTunes, HMV, Spotify, Tesco as well as loads more places, worldwide – so you won’t have trouble finding it.

Stop, Drop and Roll (single) – Dead Poets. Buy now on iTunes (only £0.79) – ℗ 2011 PMC Recordings


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