Google vs. The World

Google Street View Car in Southampton, Hampshi...

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Internet giant Google is a law unto itself, though this doesn’t stop the international community from taking umbridge with their arrogant ways.

Google once more faces charges of breaching privacy laws, this time in South Korea. Once again, Google Street View cars “mistakenly” broke privacy laws as they collected emails and personal information from homes and businesses, breaching South Korean telecommunication laws with its illegal data capturing.

South Korea is merely the latest country to find Google in violation of privacy laws – others include the UK, Canada, Spain and Australia. Google is facing investigations in more than 20 countries around the world after “mistakenly” collecting sensitive data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Google said it was “profoundly sorry”, and that “as soon as we realised what had happened, we stopped collecting all Wi-Fi data from our Street View Cars and immediately informed the authorities,” Google said. Deja Vu?

It was only last month that Google completed its deletion of the data collected from UK Wi-Fi networks, after the Information Commissioner’s Office found Google to be in breach of the Data Protection Act. It is rather odd that Google has mistakenly collected personal and private information in a variety of countries across the globe. One would presume that the “mistake” would have been rectified the first time that it occurred. The fact that Google is facing investigations in more than 20 countries should send a clear message to Google that the international community will not condone its unlawful data collection, whether it be numerous “mistakes” or something more sinister.

2 responses to “Google vs. The World

  1. I don’t know how they get away with it! They turn around and say, “oops, sorry, it was a mistake” … they seem to make a lot of mistakes. Still using Google though. There’s no escaping it really!

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