Dub to Step: Culture Cuts Review

I’ve been listening to mixes from Culture Cuts Collective lately and thought I’d do a couple of reviews and help spread the word a bit. First up is Culture Cuts mix “Dubs to Subs”.

Culture Cuts Collective

Dub to Step – Culture Cuts Collective

Dub Roots Reggae/Dubstep/Deep Dub/Dub/Future Dub

Described as “a deep blend of dubby steps and rootical flows”, Dub to Step is one of the latest cuts from Culture Cuts, a “collective [that] is a community of broadminded, unbranded, musical, comical and cultural characters… [aiming] to connect quality cuts of crafted culture, creating original entertainment verities”

Released on October 13th 2010, Dub to Step is a chilled out mix which nicely blends reggae, dubstep and dub beats into a nice mellow package. Those expecting heavy brain-jarring dubstep will be disappointed as this collection is more about proper dub and chilled dubstep beats with a reggae influence. That’s not to say the odd wobbly-bass line doesn’t make an appearance, but it’s not in-your-face and compliments the vocal samples. Personally I would have preferred a couple of heavier dub-sections but no real complaints as I also think it works perfectly as it is – the boys at Culture Cuts seem to prefer the “dubber” side of dubstep, serving a chilled out auditory experience that will leave you wanting more. There is a nice dubstep drop towards the end though, just to finish off the mix which works really well. All in all a sweet mix that is perfect to listen to whilst travelling or simply relaxing, coming in as it does at a cool 21 minutes.

The mix can currently be found on the Culture Cuts playlist in the sidebar to the right alongside some other cuts –>

[You can play the cuts in a pop-out menu while you browse the net] – Or, just listen to the mix itself below. The full archive of cuts can be found at Culturecuts.co.uk


Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can find the link to Culture Cuts in the footer at the bottom of every page, as well as some other interesting links which I hope to be expanding in time. The Culture Cuts RSS feed can also be found in the sidebar to the right bringing you the latest updates in releases. Check out the Guardian’s RSS feed and We Concur’s alongside while you’re there.


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