Video footage of police man-handling disabled protestor

Video footage has surfaced of a disabled protestor being pulled from his wheelchair by police, dragged along the pavement several yards and then dumped on the curb of the pavement. Sympathetic protestors attempt to save the man from the police but to no avail. One police officer is then seen to be aggressively pulled to the side by a fellow officer! Evidently due to the fact that he was too heavy-handed and thuggish in his actions towards a handicapped protestor. Each day more footage and imagery are coming to light showing the police brutality in the recent demonstrators – many with no identifying numbers on their lapels meaning no accountability! Watch the video for yourself and make up your own minds, however. (Warning – some strong language is used by the shocked witnesses)

The BBC interview with Jody McIntyre, the disabled protestor in the video above, can be found below. It must be said that the BBC interview seems slightly biased and accusatory, but I will leave it up to you to form your own opinions. Leave comments below to share your view. Big respect for Jody McIntyre and much sympathy for him and his cause.

5 responses to “Video footage of police man-handling disabled protestor

  1. Despicable behaviour on the part of the police lackies of the Tory ruling classes. And the media more concerned about the “safety” of royalty ~ I am ashamed to be British.

  2. I totally agree with you. Have you checked out the BBC interview as well? I have just posted it above – it seems rather accusatory. The media is, as you say, more concerned with the “attack” on the royals and the violence against the police than on the injuries and injustice suffered to the protestors. The more footage and images that surface, the better, I think.

  3. I saw this happen right before my eyes and I still can’t get over it. It’s disgusting!
    Especially as the act was done in front of an ENTIRE ROW of armed police officers who just stood there watching this happen in clear view!
    Only one officer actually intervened and dragged them away.
    I fear for this country.

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