WikiLeaks Poll!

So Fox News decided to run a poll on the current WikiLeaks fiasco, asking “viewers” whether they thought WikiLeaks was a “terrorist organisation”. All of the options were loaded questions, although it appears as if around 67% of Fox News viewers believe that WikiLeaks is indeed a terrorist organisation. Whether this tells us more about Fox News viewers than the general opinions of the American public I do not know, though I have decided to run my own poll to see what you guys think….


2 responses to “WikiLeaks Poll!

  1. Not sure about these Wikileaks folks – a mixture of information they don’t mind you seeing, and information designed to lead you up the garden path. All means to attract and distract to quote Michael Franti. Call me sceptical but I think it is all smoke and mirrors. I want to know what the hand I can’t see is doing.

  2. Definitely. I think Iran’s response was interesting – they didn’t seem all too surprised and seemed to think it was part of “psychological warfare” against Iran. The Iranian president said: “We think it was organised to be released on a regular basis and they are pursuing political goals”.

    Plus it’s difficult to verify much of the information, whilst other info just backs up what we already know. There’s something odd going on here…

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